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I’m Baaaaaaack!!

I just updated the Bi-Weekly Photo Update with five new photos … some you may have seen before but there are some you certainly haven’t (none have been on the blog). The sunsets continue to be my muse as you can see … something about the light that really gets me going. Anyway, take a look and enjoy and I plan to stay more current now … hopefully 😛


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Blogging for … THE FUTURE!!

So I’ve decided to enter the new millennium … and only 8 years late!!   This will be the central location for all things Phil and a weekly  (or more often if I feel like it … or less if I forget sometimes) Photo Phil Photophile Post with a photo I took that I thought you might find interesting.  If you have any requests on subjects I should pontificate upon or photos you would like to see please let me know.  So until next time … PHOTOS PHOREVER!!!

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