Canon Vs. Nikon … Really??

So I am, by all counts, a Canon Guy.  I love the sight of a white-gray lens attached to the appropriately named body (it’s number THEN letter).  I love the Ultrasonic focusing and the red is a much cooler accent than the yellow/gold.  But when it comes down to it there aren’t many truly exceptional differences between the two competitors in photography.  People talk about Canon’s superiority in telephoto (which is true) and Nikon’s superiority in flashes (… maybe it’s true …), but in the end they both are exceptional producers of quality photographic equipment.  The reality of the situation is that regardless of which outfit a photographer might have, whether or not they will be able to produce a beautiful photograph is entirely dependent upon their ability as a photographer.

The argument about who is better isn’t reserved solely for photography, people argue this same point about pretty much everything.  Some people will buy no other car but Ford, some people will only use a particular brand of cereal, some people refuse to eat at certain restaurants, etc, etc … The fact of the matter is that in each of these cases an argument can be formulated to support the position (“Ford has the highest towing capacity in its class” “Total has more of the vitamins and minerals I need to start my day off right” “McDonald’s hamburgers are far inferior to the flame-broiled goodness that is Burger King”) but equally strong cases can be formulated in response (“I don’t need towing capacity to go grocery shopping and Toyota has a better drive train warranty” “Why would I need 100% of my daily recommended allowance from one piece of one meal in my day when I can have the tasty, never soggy crunch of Crispix?” “Flame-broiled or not, McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich is far crispier and fresher than that sorry excuse Burger King offers”).  It becomes a matter of personal taste in the end but no one seems willing to admit it.  I may enjoy the Canon over the Nikon but a photographer with a D200 can still get an incredible picture if they know how to use a camera … Hell, I could get an incredible picture with a D200 despite my love of Canon.

If we could get past this confusion of absolutes Vs. personal preference I think we could all get along much easier … over the far superior and smooth taste of Dr. Pepper …

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One response to “Canon Vs. Nikon … Really??

  1. terryownby

    Hi Phil,
    Well, I’m an old Nikon guy (got started with them back in 1981 and have no regrets). Although, while I was in college I owned several Canons, but back then, there really was a tremendous difference in the quality of the optics. Nikon glass was far superior to Canon. But through the years, the technology has improved and today I don’t see much difference. When I was a military photojournalist, we used both Canon and Nikon, and I could never see any difference. Today, most of my students use Canon and we have both systems available for our university photo majors to check out. At this point, its simply personal preference. I tested a Canon 20D back when it first came out and was blown away by its quality. I would have bought one, except for all the Nikon glass I picked-up over the years. So for me, not only was there the personal preference, there was the economic factor since I owned so many Nikkors. One thing I have learned however, it’s not so much the camera as it is the person behind the lens. Crafting great images comes from within the individual and the level of mastery they bring to the image making process, not the name brand of the camera. However, I’ll take a Mt. Dew any day over a Dr. Pepper!

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